We are a family run Custom Installation business backed by years of experience in Information Technology, Consultancy and Software Development.

​A business specializing in the areas of Smart Automation, Home Cinema rooms, Multi-room and Lighting, this came about after we were involved in the installation of an intelligent lighting, cinema and multi-room control system in our very own property. Being very well versed in the latest technologies purely as a hobby, we decided we could offer our services and knowledge to similar home owners providing cost effective solutions encompassing the latest gadgets.

Our expertise lies in the whole house integration of all your key services such as Lighting, Heating, HVAC, Security & AV systems into a single unified solution with a focus on energy efficiency.

Integration is a key factor and this is where iSmart Home Control offer expertise and full service from design to final commission.

We are Certified Loxone GOLD Partners and one of an elite no of companies who have achieved this status in the UK.

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