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Control4 Super Smart Home in Essex

This is an amazing super home based in Essex. A complete new build home to the highest specification getting the full Smart Home experience using Control4 and a dedicated Artcoustic cinema room planned

The features being integrated into this property are Smart Lighting, Smart Zoned Heating, Multi-zone Audio & Video, security and a dedicated Cinema Room

Control is provided by a Control4 smart system with wall switches, touchscreen's, remote controls and via the Control4 app. This allows the clients to control any aspect of the lighting, heating and audio throughout the required zones

As the project progresses watch out for further updates...

Control4 Automation in Kent

This is an amazing project based in Kent where the clients decided to extend and renovate there property and bring in some smart technology at the same time.

The features being integrated into this property are smart lighting, NEST controlled heating, Alexa voice control, SKY Q control and audio.

Control is provided by a Control4 smart system with wall switches, a Control4 Touchscreen and via the Control4 app. This allows the clients to control any aspect of the lighting, heating and audio throughout the required zones.

As the project progresses watch out for further updates...


A brand new Eco SIPS home with full Loxone integration coming soon.

This amazing home will be focused on energy efficiency throughout with smart integration to complement the client's lifestyle.

Coming Soon: Control4 Superhome

An amazing new Control4 super home is coming soon!

Based in Chigwell, Essex, this super home will consist of a full Control4 Smart System controlling lighting, heating, HVAC, Audio, Video and full dedicated Artcoustic Cinema Room.

More updates coming soon…

Award-Winning Cinema! 

One of our latest projects consists of an award winning Artcoustic cinema room.

This whole house project consists of a fully integrated Loxone Smart System and an award-winning Artcoustic cinema room.

More details coming soon…

Chelsea Apartment

One of our most recent commission was this amazing apartment in the heart of Chelsea. The apartment featured an amazing Rako Lighting system with over 7 zones of lighting controlling pendants, spotlights and LED strip lighting.

The wall switches were a custom Bronze finish to add to that wow factor and match the amazing interior decor.

Check out the amazing images for some inspiration!

Coming Soon: Essex LOXONE Family Home

The family home, based near Chigwell Essex, will feature full smart automation using Loxone and there new cabling topology called ‘Loxone Tree’!

We will provide regular updates as the project progresses.

Coming Soon: London LOXONE Superhome

EXCITING NEWS…new Loxone Super Home coming soon with Lighting, Heating, HVAC, AV, Security and a dedicated Media/Cinema Room.

This 5 storey family home in South West London will feature a full smart automation system called Loxone and there new BUS cabling topology called ‘Loxone Tree’.

First fix is almost complete on this project and the Loxone system installation will be over two floors allowing flexibility for current and future expansion of the system.

Watch this space for regular updates as the project progresses. ...

Sevenoaks AV Home

An exciting new project now complete in the heart of Sevenoaks with multi-room Sonos Audio, HD Video distribution, WiFi, CCTV and the latest SKY Q system.

The clients decided to fully renovate this lovely property in a quiet residential area within the beautiful commuter town of Sevenoaks.

Key requirements were for a multi-room HD system allowing full distribution of the new SKY Q service, CCTV and internet to various rooms around the property.

Added features were the WiFi AP around the home to improve the WiFi signals and remote viewing of the CCTV system allowing the clients to view and playback any recordings in HD format.

Clients were very impressed with the system that was designed and commissioned and there feedback was:

“Most grateful and really appreciate the professional manner and level of service you and the team have maintained throughout our project”

Coming Soon: Herts LOXONE Home

New Smart Home project coming soon with lighting, heating, security & a dedicated cinema room in Hertfordshire!

The project will consist of a whole house lighting & heating system with integrated alarm and PIR motion sensors for controlling various elements of the Loxone system such as lighting and security. Added to this is automatic smoke detection sensors and motorised garage door control all integrated into the Loxone smart system.

A 5.1 Surround Sound Cinema room with a 2.4M wide projector image is also planned again with full control from Loxone.

Further details will be posted as the project progresses…

Old Meets New

This project came about due to a referral from another client and was quite a challenge as it was based in a period property. The client's requirements were quite extensive as they required several different technologies combined into a single unified system with smartphone and tablet integration being the core basis of control.

The main elements of the project are an intelligent lighting system, separate dedicated TV and Cinema rooms, whole house wired data network and CCTV. Also included were control of the lighting system via smartphone and tablet both internally and remotely from anywhere in the world.

The main phase of the project is now complete and the client is very happy with the setup. Further tweaks to the system are executed as and when the client requires.

Next phase in the near future is the completion of the dedicated cinema room and whole house heating control with full smartphone and tablet integration including remote access.

Kent AV Home

This is an exciting project based in a very old Coach House near Sevenoaks. The client requirements were to improve the current WiFi signals and provide the latest iPad control for there range of TV’s and blurays. Added to this is control of various Sonos components including the latest Playbar soundbar.

Other technologies include a 4 zone matrix which allows any Bluray, Sky+HD or Apple TV to be played in any zone with multiple zones watching the same or different movie or music.

Due to the property being a very old coach house with extremely thick walls, the current WiFi signal was very poor in many parts of the home. We provided a full WIFI mapping service which determined the weak areas of the home. Based on this a Luxul WiFi Access Point was installed which then boosted the WiFi significantly, especially to the weak hotspots.

The clients are extremely happy with the system with the ability to use there iPads to control all there AV needs!

Ultra HD Cinema

A fascinating new project which the client had just exchanged on recently based in the affluent town of Kingston Upon Thames. The brief was very simple…the client required one of the main livings rooms to be turned into a dedicated Cinema Room with full a full 5.1 surround sound setup and the latest 4K resolution high-definition television.

Various sources plugged into the high-end Yamaha AVR include a 3D Bluray player, Apple TV, Sky+HD and Boxee. Full control of the system is via our bespoke iPad interface customized to the client's requirements.

A second family room was also updated to include the clients existing plasma TV but with a new Yamaha soundbar with Kinetik IR control of sources hidden in a cupboard.

Sevenoaks Smart Home

The owners of this property, a 7 bedroom detached house in Sevenoaks, decided from the offset, what they wanted in terms of technology - Rako lighting, HD multi-room, Wired Data Network, CCTV and dedicated Home Cinema room. As part of an on-going major renovation project, it was decided to incorporate some of the latest home automation technology where possible to enhance and simplify the property.

We decided upon Rako for the lighting due to its ease of installation and wealth of configuration options. Along with this we also configured a bridge allowing whole house control from any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

For there audio/video requirements, it was decided upon the URC Total Control system for distributing audio, video and CCTV to multiple zones. Sources to be utilized included SKY+HD, Blu-ray and a Media Server and CCTV cameras at various external points around the property.

The home cinema is planned to be installed in the loft which is a gigantic 60 feet in length. The cinema will house an HD projector, motorised drop down screen, 7.2 surround sound and the latest AV Receiver with 3D capabilities for future proofing. Also incorporated into this will be Rako intelligent lighting allowing several scene settings.

Surrey Super Home

Exciting new Loxone Smart Home coming with Lighting, Heating, AV, Air Con, Cinema room, Sauna & Swimming pool…all controlled via Loxone!

The project is nearing final completion…more updates and pictures will be uploaded very soon. Watch this space!

Essex Smart Home

An exciting new project just completed in Chigwell, Essex. This detached home comprises of a Loxone based intelligent lighting solution, Loxone 8 Zone Music Server and a dedicated cinema room with the latest 4K projection, with full iPad control.

The Loxone 8 Zone Music Server provides integration with the client's own collection of iTunes, Spotify and music stored locally on its dedicated storage.

The real highlight of the home is the dedicated cinema room with consists of a 3m wide drop down projector screen, drop down projector lift all controlled with a single press of a button. Also integrated is the spectacular Starscape Optical ceiling which provides an array of white and coloured star optics to provide that amazing effect.

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